Em See Emily

Em See Emily

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Olympics

Who else has been watching the olympics? I LOVE watching the Olympics and seeing the best athletes in the world compete for their own countries. The passion and competition kills me but I love it! I am in tears most of the time #ladyproblems #icryalot #goUSA #teamUSA
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Volleyball and gymnastics are my favorite. I remember when I was a little girl and wanting to be just like them and trying to copy the floor routines. I was a little too tall for gymnastics though so I ended up playing volleyball instead. Watching the indoor and outdoor volleyball games so far has brought back that love for volleyball. 

In the words of Gabby Douglas "Never quit. Never give up." There's my motivation for the day. Hope y'all get the same motivation as I do from watching the olympics! Thanks for reading xoxo

olympics, rio 2016, team USA, volleyball, gymnastics, motivation, never quit never give up, Gabby Douglas, competition, athlete, passion

Monday, August 8, 2016

#motivationmonday #progress

Since I am back into working out more consistently I have noticed that my weight goes up a pound and then down a pound but nothing more than that, its fantastic. But I know that every workout I do is progress towards being healthier and happier. PS my husband on the other hand lost 10 pounds in a week #whyyyyyy I'm so happy for him.........can't you tell...... (I promise I love him and I am happy for him) 

motivation monday, motivation, progress, weight loss, happy, healthy, workout

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Happy Saturday Morning Motivation

Get your Saturday work out on ladies. We can do this! Peace and blessings xoxo

fitness, gym, overcoming fears, struggle, comfort zone, weight loss, motivation

Thursday, August 4, 2016

MC Emily

Alright I know y'all are dying to know the story behind my blog name, it's going to be a two part answer.

1st- MC Emily (my official rapper name)......all started when I was about 4, I had taken a fall and had to get silver caps on two of my front teeth. My parents were terrified that I was going to hate them but it was the complete opposite I LOVED my new teeth! They were so shiny and beautiful. It was every little girls dream right? 

My family had come up with a few different nicknames for me, Silver tooth and of course MC Emily. My Uncle was the one who came up with MC Emily and it has stuck ever since. Pictured below is me with my beautiful silver teeth and the uncle who came up with the name. 

I know I was adorbs. 

2nd- Em See Emily..... I thought this name would fit perfectly for my blog since it sounds just like my rapper name and Em (myself as a child) seeing my self as Emily (boring adult me). When I was a child I was carefree and I didn't have any self-image issues yet. But now as an adult I have grown to not like the way I look. I am hoping this blog will help with my self-image issues and I can help anyone else out there that reads along. Y'all rock. Thanks for reading xoxo.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Overcoming My Fears

Working out is my favorite, getting to the gym and seeing myself in the mirror is not my favorite. I have a hard time being at the gym seeing all these super fit ladies and then I glance in the mirror and see myself #roughlife #butreallyyall. 

Lately we have been mixing up our workouts which has been rewarding but difficult. I really don't like bringing more attention to myself than necessary but my husband loves getting me outside of my comfort zone so we have been doing tire flips, core workouts on the bosu balls and running.

I am not a runner, I am a thick girl and running is not flattering (jiggle jiggle) sorry if you pictured that. I love that at Vasa they have a cinema room, it rocks! It is dark, they have rows of different cardio machines and they usually have a good movie playing. So no one can see you (trying to) run and you get distracted by the movie so they time goes by way faster. I am trying more things out of my comfort zone and it has helped me feel more confident so I would suggest to all you lovely readers to try one thing daily or weekly out of your comfort zone and see how you feel after, leave a comment below if you want. Hopefully this helps! Thanks for reading. Let's keep it classy y'all xoxo.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy National Lipstick Day

Hey y'all! Thanks for all the love! I'm excited for this new blog adventure. 

But lets just talk about how yesterday was National Lipstick Day, I love lipstick!

My love of lipstick started as a young girl. I would watch as my mom would apply the perfect shade of pink lipstick without even using a mirror, it was magic. How could you not fall in love. From there I would steal her lipstick and try to put it on myself, that never went as planned.

My mom, sister and I rocking the 80's look and great lipstick as always. "I got it from my momma"

After the "lipstick all over phase" I entered into the Lip Smacker phase (watermelon was the best). Oh the memories. I couldn't go anywhere without a good stash of Lip Smackers. I then found my love for big girl lipstick. My absolute favorite right now is Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss. I have two shades of pink that     I love especially in the summer time.

So when all else fails "put on some lipstick and pull yourself together" - Elizabeth Taylor
Or just hope there is an amazing snapchat filter that day.

                 I'll leave you all with the wise words of Audrey Hepburn. Thanks for reading xoxo!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My husband is making me do this......

My husband is really good at getting me to do things out of my comfort zone. 
This blog being one of them, (how could you say no to that hunky face) he told me before he left for work that if I don't have a blog post by 11:00pm tonight he is going to wake me up when he gets home and make me, so I figured I should just get it done haha. 

Anyways, I am M C Emily (I will go into more detail about my rapper name later). I am a wife, momma to my two fur babies and I am on the road to getting back to my "fighting" weight. I am LDS and I love sports (GO UTES) and food.

Besides my husband pushing me to start this blog I thought this could be a good way for me to get my thoughts and feelings out and possibly find more ladies out there that have they same thoughts or going through the same things as me. I am hoping to be your go to blog when it comes to the "real" side of things, especially losing weight. Because lets be honest it's not fun and eating cute donuts and cupcakes is wayyy more fun, until you can't fit into your cute jeans anymore. The struggle is real people.

Speaking of struggle.....and overcoming them........ I have gained some post-marriage weight, its like the freshman 15 but worse. Since the weight gain I have pretty much hated myself, I dodge all mirrors (especially the full body ones) and photos are now scary, don't even get me started on sneak attack selfies, you know when you turn the camera around on your phone and think "do I always have that many chins." The weight has affected more than just that, I'm not comfortable in social situations anymore and I avoid it like the plague. I feel like all people see when they are around me is how much weight I have gained. My husband hates it when I talk bad about myself and he is always trying to be positive and tell me how beautiful I am and he loves me no matter what (I know I hit the jackpot in the husband department.) Hopefully through this blog I can get my feelings out and realize that I am still the same person I was before I gained this weight and I should love myself no matter what!

These are the most recent photos of myself. These were painful to take but I did it. One step at a time y'all.                P.S. doughnuts from The Dough Bar are pretty amazing, and they are healthy- they have protein! 

Well I have made my deadline and I will be able to sleep soundly tonight. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any positive comments. Lets keep it classy y'all. xoxo