Em See Emily

Thursday, August 4, 2016

MC Emily

Alright I know y'all are dying to know the story behind my blog name, it's going to be a two part answer.

1st- MC Emily (my official rapper name)......all started when I was about 4, I had taken a fall and had to get silver caps on two of my front teeth. My parents were terrified that I was going to hate them but it was the complete opposite I LOVED my new teeth! They were so shiny and beautiful. It was every little girls dream right? 

My family had come up with a few different nicknames for me, Silver tooth and of course MC Emily. My Uncle was the one who came up with MC Emily and it has stuck ever since. Pictured below is me with my beautiful silver teeth and the uncle who came up with the name. 

I know I was adorbs. 

2nd- Em See Emily..... I thought this name would fit perfectly for my blog since it sounds just like my rapper name and Em (myself as a child) seeing my self as Emily (boring adult me). When I was a child I was carefree and I didn't have any self-image issues yet. But now as an adult I have grown to not like the way I look. I am hoping this blog will help with my self-image issues and I can help anyone else out there that reads along. Y'all rock. Thanks for reading xoxo.


  1. MC Emily wookie wookie! Jason cracked me up when he named you this! 😂 We all need to be like our carefree 4 year olds and love ourselves no matter what. We are all different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities... That's what makes us who we are. Celebrate our uniqueness! 😘Love you!

  2. hahahahaha I LOVE THIS and that first pic of you with the silver teeth!! I TOTALLY FEEL LIKE I REMEMBER THOSE SILVER TEETH! hahaha this is awesome, I love all these cute posts! love you!!!

  3. I love your second reason behind your blog name! What a great reminder for all of us to see ourselves and others as a child sees.