Em See Emily

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Overcoming My Fears

Working out is my favorite, getting to the gym and seeing myself in the mirror is not my favorite. I have a hard time being at the gym seeing all these super fit ladies and then I glance in the mirror and see myself #roughlife #butreallyyall. 

Lately we have been mixing up our workouts which has been rewarding but difficult. I really don't like bringing more attention to myself than necessary but my husband loves getting me outside of my comfort zone so we have been doing tire flips, core workouts on the bosu balls and running.

I am not a runner, I am a thick girl and running is not flattering (jiggle jiggle) sorry if you pictured that. I love that at Vasa they have a cinema room, it rocks! It is dark, they have rows of different cardio machines and they usually have a good movie playing. So no one can see you (trying to) run and you get distracted by the movie so they time goes by way faster. I am trying more things out of my comfort zone and it has helped me feel more confident so I would suggest to all you lovely readers to try one thing daily or weekly out of your comfort zone and see how you feel after, leave a comment below if you want. Hopefully this helps! Thanks for reading. Let's keep it classy y'all xoxo.


  1. So proud of you Emily! Keep up the hard work, it will pay off; if nothing else it makes YOU feel better about yourself! 👏❤️

  2. I have been trying Barre classes on YouTube (at home so not really super out of my comfort zone...) but they are pretty challenging for me so that is out of my comfort zone and I FEEL those work outs when I am done. We should get super out of our comfort zones and go try a real class in person!!

    1. I want to try it.....for ....maybe 10 minutes 😂 It may kill me but I'd like to try it.

  3. Let's do the tire flip together! You ROCK